"But, above all, as we have already said, it is a holy life that is indispensable for those who are getting ready for the apostolate. Indeed, it is necessary that the one who preaches God be, in fact, a man of God".  


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Biographies and reflections on the lives of witnesses


The Martyrs and Saints - canonized or beatified – today’s evangelizers and those of bygone ages, these are the hands and feet of God, carrying the proclamation of the Gospel to peoples of every continent. Their hearts, minds, and activities - indeed, their very lives - announce Christ, the same yesterday, today and always.  

Biography of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri Tekakwitha was born in 1656 to Iroquois parents in the Ossernenon region, now in New York State, where just a few years earlier Jesuits Jogues, Goupil and de La Lande were martyred. When Kateri was four years old, a ...

Biography of Blessed Sister Lindalva Justo de Oliveira

Lindalva was born on October 20, 1953 into a large family in Sitio Malhada da Areia, a very poor area of the state of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil. Baptized on January 7, 1954, she had her own parents as her first spiritual ...

Biography of Saint Josef de Veuster

Jozef De Veuster, the future Father Damiano SS.CC., was born in Tremelo, Belgium, on January 3, 1840 from a large family of farmer-merchants. His older brother entered the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, and ...

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Benedict XVI: Catechesis on the Witnesses of the Faith.

Missionary Witnesses contained in the Guide