Tanzania: The Children of the Holy Childhood Society of the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam inaugurating the Extraordinary Missionary Month October 2019

The Holy Childhood congress of the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam took place in Rufiji region, south of Dar es Salaam city along the Indian Ocean, at Utete Parish from June 28-30, 2019. The main reason for this congress was to launch the EMMOCT2019 (Extraordinary Missionary Month 2019), based on the motto: “Baptized and Sent.” Various seminars were given to highlight, emphasize and bring home the whole idea of the EMMOCT2019 to the faithful. The celebrations started with seminars and at the end His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pendo, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam, joined by a number of priests, celebrated Holy Mass to launch the EMMOCT2019. 

In addition, there were other celebrations which took place on that day. The Utete Parish celebrated its 50th anniversary as a Catholic Church. His Eminence Polycarp Cardinal Pendo also celebrated his 48th anniversary to the priesthood, and the Catholic Lay Apostolate Council of the Archdiocese of Dar es Salaam celebrated its 50th anniversary of service to the Church.

During this big event, several sacraments (Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist and Matrimony, including nine marriages) were bestowed upon some people. The congress was such a big achievement, as it brought together around 1,500 Holy Childhood children, over 200 organizers and many families and guests to celebrate.


July 2019

Supervised by Fr. Jovitus Mwijage, the National PMS Director of Tanzania